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spuffy_stills's Journal

A Spike/Buffy Icon Challenge
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Welcome to spuffy_stills moderated by nikkiwawa79, a weekly icon challenge community featuring the relationship of Spike and Buffy. As the name implies, all icons will be "still" - no animation allowed. Everything else is permissible. This community was inspired by quebelly's buffy_stillness, the original stillness community. The stillness moderators use mod_stillness to promote and maintain their communities.

Members will not be allowed to post original entries without posting access. You can, of course, post comments to entries. All icon entries will be screened.

The Rules

  1. All icons must conform to LJ standards - 100x100 and 40kb or less.
  2. Enter only one icon for each challenge, unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Enter in a reply (comment) to the original challenge post. Comments/entries will be screened.
  4. No voting for yourself because egotistical much!?
  5. If you enter an icon in the challenge, you must vote. If you don't vote, your icons will be disqualified.
  6. Icons must not be animated.
  7. Please don't enter an icon that you've already made and are already using.
  8. Banners will only be awarded if requested. Please specify if you want a banner when you post your entry.
  9. Do not take any icons without the icon makers' permission.


The Challenges:

  1. Since the Spike and Buffy relationship is about two sworn enemies turned to friends falling in love, the challenges will not always be shippy in nature. I will also post caps that reflect their friendship as well as individual Buffy and Spike caps. When I do that, you may choose to blend them if you wish but it will not be required. Requirements of each challenge will be explained.

  2. Voting will be open to members only to avoid anyone dragging their friends over to vote for their work. It's not nice to vote for yourself, so it's not allowed here. If voting becomes nonexistent due to limited membership, I will probably open it up to everyone.
  3. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. A mod's choice award will be given only when the moderator feels it is deserved for originality, composition, appropriateness for the theme. It may or may not be one of the top three placed icons.


Challenge Timeframe:

Deadline for posting icons: Thursday 10:00pm
Deadline to Vote: Saturday 10:00pm
New Challenge post: During the voting period

When posting your entries, please post the image of the icon itself with the URL address below it. The address MUST CONTAIN YOUR LJ USERNAME. Example:


Thanks for joining and have fun! If you'd like to affiliate with us, please comment to an entry or send me an email.

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